Services Central Command Preventive Task Unit

Spot Cleaning Service

  • Dust mopping and spot wet mopping as needed
  • Spot vacuuming as needed
  • Emptying trash receptacles and relining as needed ( Items 3, 4 and 5 under Responsibilities / Exceptions below)
  • Spot cleaning of entry/vestibule windows as time allows
  • Restroom - replenish supplies, i.e., toilet paper, paper towels, and soap as needed

Event Service

Refers to additional services to clean and prepare for a special event.

Please contact the custodial team when additional services are needed. We will do our best to be of assistance when these special circumstances arise.

Responsibilities / Exceptions

Custodians are not responsible for moving items on shelves, desks, walls and/or the cleaning of any equipment. Relamping should be done within a reasonable time frame based on the usage of the space and the number of lights in a given space. For example:

If an office has only one or two lights and one is burned out, lamps should be changed as soon as possible.

If an office has 6 lights and one is out, lamps should be changed within a week.

Lights that have been changed, but still need repaired will be marked with a tag. The custodian will submit a work order to maintenance department for the repair of these lights.

Custodians are not responsible for emptying individual recycle containers. Unless agreed by both parties Custodians are not responsible for recycling cardboard.

Large volumes of trash, biological waste or trash weighing heavier than 10 pounds should be handled by the department or by calling our office at +1 8777788182 for special assistance, i.e., files, equipment, and large boxes.

Service to Research Labs/ Bio-Security & Security Areas must be provided with minimal risk to our employees. If you have any questions or requests for services in these areas, please contact Custodial Services at +1 8777788182

Snow removal will take priority over normal cleaning schedules. Custodians are responsible for keeping the entries of the building accessible following snowstorm events.